Tempura Yamanoue Ginza

Our Pride

Yamanoue: Traditional-styled Tempura

Our silky light tempura batter further enhances the flavors of the ingredients.
And the exquisite care and finesse by the chef bring out the true taste of the seasons.
The traditional taste of this Edo-style Tempura has been praised by many literary greats since our hotel’s founding.
Cosmopolitan flair of Ginza will allow us to explore a whole new world of taste for you to enjoy.

Pure Luxury

Local Produce from Around the Country

Seasonal vegetables and seafood are selected from around the country.
Enjoy choice ingredients befitting Tempura Yamanoue Ginza and the fresh take on taste with refined techniques and new ideas.
Try our new approach on the chef’s menu where we let our creativity go free.

Fresh Premium Oil

Two different types of 100% sesame oil is blended to perfection.
One type comes from sesame that is cold pressed which leaves a clear finish.
The other is pressed after it is slightly toasted that gives it a light flavor.
To keep the freshness and to bring out the flavor of the food sesame oil is replaced after a few portions of tempura has been fried and it is never incrementally added.

Icebox: the Old-Fashion Way

Since the foundation of The Hilltop Hotel these iceboxes have been used to keep ingredients fresh.
Carefully prepared ingredients can be kept at an optimal state with the appropriate humidity as well as with fewer fluctuations in temperature when the icebox doors are opened or closed.
The iceboxes are located behind the countertop covering the whole façade and the grain finish of the wood panels on the icebox doors is just plain beautiful to look at.

Private Table Dining

Table dining in a private room for business entertainment or family gathering occasions.
The room is decorated in modern Japanese, where you can feel an excitement in the air amid this tranquility.
The furniture and fixtures are works by the renowned beautiful woodwork maker, George Nakashima.

Private Counter Seating

Privacy is enhanced with its own entry way.
Food is served on a counter table made of solid prime Japanese cypress after being prepared in front of you, allowing you to also savor the sounds and scents of the experience.

Enjoying that special moment with all your senses

The tea house entrance welcomes you. The alleyway to the hall provides hint to the special moment about to take place between the host and guest

And the tea room is envisaged to be a space where the guests are invited to experience the hospitality by the host, imbuing the colors, infusing the smell of the seasons and enhancing the flavors.

The taste of each ingredient is brought out to their fullest by distinguishing the different sounds of high and low temperatures when frying. Once ready we strive to serve it to you immediately. Tempura is delicious not only to the eyes, but to the ears as well.
Please enjoy our new take on tempura as we offer you the perfect pairing with wine or innovative combinations of the ingredients that can only find here.


Counter Table Top From a 250 Year Old Japanese Cypress

Food will be served on a counter table with a supreme touch, scent and quality made from a 250 year old prime Japanese Cypress.

Furniture and Fixtures

All tables and chairs were custom-made by Japanese craftsman from solid wood.

Custom-made Plates and Bowls

Carefully selected wares from ceramic or lacquerware plates and bowls to serve food to pure copper plates to serve salt allow us to accentuate our technical skills and to further enjoy the food experience at Yamanoue.

Tempura Yamanoue Ginza

13F GINZA SIX, 6-10-1 ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan 104-0061

Google Map
TEL 03-6264-5516

Business Hour
Lunch 11:00-15:00 (L.O. 14:00)
Dinner 17:00-23:30 (L.O. 20:30)